The Lounge

Kick back, relax and click away to some of my favorite places.

Visit my buddy Gio Jamm to see our video from a gig we did for Adelphia Cable. Click here to go to his website.

Visit The Deserters website whom I have jammed with in the past. Click here to go to their website.

My buddy from the Tantum band, Alvin Vincent Grimes, is among many things an author and poet. Click here to visit his website to learn more about hsi newest novel "Black Pearl".

Michael SG my "brother from another mother". Michael, his twin brother David and I share the same birthday - Dec 5th. The 3 of us used to be in a band called Mr. Moon. Click here to go to Michael's website.

Visit me on myspace for music related things and to buy my music at or things about drums at